keskiviikko 19. maaliskuuta 2008


I was born in Suomussalmi, North-Eastern Finland, in 1952.

I studied Electrical Engineering in Oulu University, where I was graduated to M.Sc in 1976. My military degree is lieutenant. Now I live in Seinäjoki in the western part of Finland. I have my office in Järvenpää close to the capital Helsinki area.

I have two sons, born in 1981 and 1983 from my previous marriage. I have a new common-law wife - a friend who I knew already in my childhood.

I am open minded and humble person and get easily along with people. My languages are Finnish (native), Swedish (good), English (good) and German (basics).

Career summary

Since 1976 I have worked mainly in Telecommunications industry. I am one of the Finnish pioneers in mobile communications. I joined early in Nordic development projects preparing such major successes as NMT and GSM. My strongest contribution to the industry is transformation of the Finnish P&T to one of the most successful mobile operators in the world.

I have worked also in Nokia Networks as head of Professional Services and as CEO in Finnet Ltd, a JV of local telephone companies, known as Finnet group.

I have successfully managed big and rapidly growing organisations as well as made reductions. I work now as independent consultant and professional board member. I have written a book of the hindsight of the leaders together with Leila Kontkanen of Fountain Park ("Mitä tekisin nyt toisin? - Jälkiviisautta johtamiseen", WSOYpro 2008, Finnish)

Career details

1976 – 2000 Sonera Plc. (P&T of Finland)

1976 – 1983 System planning engineer and project manager (Paging, NMT, GSM)
1984 - 1988 Deputy director, Radio Networks
1989 – 1995 Director, Mobile Telephone Services
1995 – 2000 Vice President/Executive Vice President, Mobile Communications
2000 EVP, Mobile Internet Operator Services
1993 – 2000 Member and chairman of the board in various international mobile companies (EMT/Estonia, Omnitel/Lithuania, Turkcell/Turkey, Aerial Communications/USA)

2000 – 2003 Nokia Networks, Senior Vice President, Professional Services Global business responsibility of operator services

2003 – 2005 Finnet Ltd., first CEO of the company

2005 - Independent consultant
Main focus areas: Telecommunications and Operator
business and telecommunication service applications, business

2008 - LEADPartners Ltd., Partner
Main business: Competition simulation, business strategies.

Member of the board in Ixonos Plc. (2006-), AinaCom Ltd. (2008-), Evia Plc. (2006 - 2008), Bookit Ajanvarauspalvelu Ltd. (2007-2010), Fountain Park Ltd. (2007-2009) and Anvia Oyj (2009-)

Chairman of the board in Bookit Finland Ltd. (2007-2008), Evia Plc. (2007-2008) and Fountain Park Ltd. (2009-)